Music program

The College offers an outstanding Music and Performing Arts program.

The Music and Performing Arts program includes Instrumental music and Classroom Music for every student, public concerts, productions, and music camps.

All Year 7 students learn to play a musical instrument. Our dedicated music program is on outstanding feature of 三分六合彩.

Music for every student ensures that all Year 7 students participate in the instrumental music program and studies, through their college years to Year 12.

From the very start of secondary school, an active involvement in music assists students develop improved self-discipline, organisational skills and a sense of achievement. This leads to an appreciation of music and enriches their lives.

Music and Performing Arts involves students in numerous bands and performances including public concerts, theatre productions, and music camps. Students are also encouraged to be part of the College Band with some notable performing arts events being the Musical Soiree and the annual musical theatre Production.

Dedicated instrumental music rooms exist on both campuses, and all students are provided with instruments in Year 7. In later years, students pay a nominal fee that covers instrument hire and tuition.